Traffic Management

October 11, 2012

In recent years, the provision of traffic management services has become an ever-increasing part of what we do. For many events, dealing with traffic (pedestrians, cars, coaches, public transport etc) is a major headache during the planning process, and one of the key ricks for failure of the event during it's operation.  Our traffic management services can assist you during the planning phase, and our experienced team will be on hand during the live phase to deal with traffic issues and provide a managed access solution for your event. Using specially trained staff (NCFE Certified Traffic Management Operatives), we will provide you with a safe, efficient, cost-effective solution to your traffic issues. There are significant hazards involved whenever vehicles and people mix freely, and we take a number of steps to minimise the risk during the design and operation, for example:
  • providing vehicle entrances and exits that are located well away from pedestrian routes
  • encouraging pedestrians to move away from the flow of vehicles by the placement of pedestrian entrances
  • design clearly marked crossing points and use signage, trackway and fencing to differentiate between pedestrian and vehicle routes
  • Designate and clearly sign the speed limits to be used on site.