Planning a Festival?

February 10, 2011

When you're planning your next festival, there are a million and one things to sort out, but while your guests are focussing on the main stage line-up and the price of the pint, we all know that the behind-the-scenes planning is just as crucial to the smooth-running of the show. At Event-Staff, we have 14 years experience of running events, supplying staff to a whole range of events, from single-day to full-blown festivals. We recognise that recruiting, training and managing your staff team is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of the planing period, and our services can help take the stress off you in the crucial build-up phase. We can supply a wide range of staff - across the UK and beyond, and with call-lengths from 4 hours, right up to staff staying on site throughout the event.
  •  General site crew
  • Drivers (vans, telehandlers, cherry pickers etc)
  • Skilled crew (sound, lighting, staging, fencing etc)
  • Production / catering runners
We can also supply supervisors, crew chiefs and management staff to look after key aspects of your event, including the management and deployment of volunteer staff as required. If you have any requirements for this season, please get in touch at any time to discuss your event.! Did you know, we can also supply:
  • Stewards
  • Site & venue security
  • Pit teams
  • Traffic management, parking & ticketing staff